Back Pain and Sciatica

Lotus Clinic Sign'I hurt my back badly when I was lifting a bottle of oil in the kitchen and the sharp pain went down to my heel. I could not lie down in bed, could not walk upstairs and I had to climb upstairs on my hands and knees. My friends had to help me get to the clinic for my first treatment but after the first session I felt the pain was reduced considerably and I was able to lie down comfortably in bed and sleep that night. Three days later I had my second treatment and I could walk upstairs. My severe back injury was cured in eight weeks. Thank you so much.'

Graham Roberts
Flintshire, North Wales

Neck Pain

'I have had pain in the right side of my neck for 10 years, and in the last 3 months before treatment it became even worse. I could not turn my head to the right while driving, and often woke at night because of the pain. The pain was reduced greatly and I got a good night's sleep after only my first acupuncture session with Dr. Liu, and found that I could turn my neck freelyÖ After a total of ten sessions my pain has gone altogether.'

John Davison
Flintshire, North Wales

Headache and Migraine

'I had the most awful headache yesterday, full blown migraine. Immediately went for acupuncture. Strange thing was when she put a needle in the side of my head I felt all the muscles on that side relax and the headache went instantly!!! Absolutely amazing, no drugs, instant cure. The Chinese know a thing or two! Anyone need acupuncture try going to www.lotusclinic.net awesome results!'

Mr. M Lewis
Holywell, Flintshire

Post-operative Pain and Nerve Damage

'I had severe pain due to nerve damage after an operation for an inguinal hernia. For two years I had been taking pain Thank You imagekillers and stopped doing anything strenuous. I was told by my doctor and the consultant the pain would get better over time and rest it. It came to the point that I couldnít stand the continuous ache in my groin and did some research on the Internet and found an article on acupuncture relieving pain in the groin. I found the Lotus Clinicís website, gave Dr. Liu a ring and I havenít looked back. The pain was reduced greatly on the third session and this review is coming from the worst sceptic in the world according to my wife; I got a good night's sleep after only my second acupuncture session, and found that I could turn over in bed without groaning. I have a prescription for Zapain and havenít needed to take them since starting the treatments. After a total of 12 sessions my pain has virtually gone altogether and I have started doing jobs around the house and garden again. I have recommended the Lotus Clinic to my friends and work colleagues. Why suffer? give acupuncture a try.'

Kenny Preece
Buckley, Flintshire


'I have had arthritis in my knees for 15 years. It was very stiff, painful and caused limping, particularly in cold and damp weather. I had to take painkillers most of the time. My GP referred me to Countess of Chester Hospital, and the specialist said that I could have my knees replaced but the pain might come back, and other joints could be affected by arthritis too. So, I decided not to have an operation and try acupuncture instead. Since having acupuncture therapy with Dr. Liu, the pain has virtually gone, I can walk without limping and stiffness and go upstairs without supporting myself with my arms and I do not need to take any painkillers any more.'

Angela Peters
Flintshire, North Wales

Rheumatism and Muscular Pain

'I can recommend the Lotus Clinic and Dr. Liu because she gives me gentle and effective relief from rheumatic and muscular pains, which lets me walk without pain and do all the things I want to do and enjoy life again.'

Mrs. M Ellis
Chester, Cheshire


'With my condition I have followed a number of standard medical treatments with various degrees of success. Dr. Liuís treatment is both extremely relaxing and effective, certainly a very worthwhile alternative to the standard treatment available.'

North Wales


Image of acupuncture'I had suffered depression for five years and I had been prescribed various antidepressants, but I could not find one that worked well for me and the side effects were quite severe. Half a year ago, my marriage broke down and my wife left me. I was really upset and depressed. I could not sleep and was crying at night. I did not want to eat and I even lost the desire to be alive. My doctor signed me off from work for two months and referred me to see a specialist in Wrexham hospital. Unfortunately it did not work out and I had to take another two months sick leave. I was recommended to Dr. Liu by a friend who had effective treatments with her for insomnia. I found Dr. Liu was very professional, confident and sympathetic. I was so surprised that I could sleep better after only the third session. Gradually the depression eased, my appetite returned and I felt the world was a lot brighter than before. Three months later, my doctor pronounced me fit to go back to work.'

Denis Whitley
Chester, Cheshire


'I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for four years and most of that time my symptoms had been quite bad: extreme tiredness, headache, muscular ache, and poor concentration. Three months ago, I could not keep working again and my GP gave me antidepressant tablets, and that was it. I went to an acupuncture clinic and had six sessions but unfortunately it did not work. My friend recommended that I try the Lotus Acupuncture Clinic. Dr. Liu explained how and why Chinese acupuncture works, and then gently put the needles into certain places on my arms and legsÖ. Three weeks later, my mum, my friends and colleagues felt that I was a different person. I could not believe how quickly acupuncture worked for me. I was able to work for half days after only 4 sessions. It is amazing! I would like to highly recommend Dr. Liu to everyone: acupuncture with Dr. Liu, you will not look back!'

A cheerful client
Flintshire, North Wales


'I had alopecia with more than 10 areata for 3 years, and it decreased my self-confidence in public. I read the Lotus Clinicís website and decided to give it a go. Dr. Liu inserted needles into those alopecia areas and underneath my elbows and knees; she applied her own herbal lotion to the alopecia areas as well. My hair started to grow after the 6th acupuncture session! Now all the alopecia areas are covered by growing hairs. I feel good and confident. Thank you!'

Emma Green
Chester, Cheshire


Image of Lotus flower'I have been suffering eczema for 30 years and the condition was getting worse after I gave a birth to my child. My body was itchy and full of patches and scars. The steroid cream prescribed by the dermatologist just made me worse and worse. I believed that Dr. Liu could help me as my husband had stopped smoking with her acupuncture treatment. After 8 sessions of acupuncture and external herbs, I do not feel as itchy now and the patches are changing from red, brown to a normal colour. Dr. Liu is excellent. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.'

Kay Thompson
Chester, Cheshire

Infertility & I.V.F Support

'I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am now pregnant! All the test results from the hospital were normal but we just could not conceive for 3 years. My husband and I were upset and frustrated. While reading the lotus acupuncture clinic website, it felt like that we had discovered the right direction and found hope. Dr. Liu helped my severe period pain and stress, as well as increasing my probabilities of successful I.V.F. We could not have done it without Dr. Liu.'

A happy couple
Flintshire, North Wales


'Dr. Liu is great! I can heartily recommend her acupuncture skill. After being diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago, I had tried lots of other treatment methods, and this is the first to give real relief. Her treatments have improved my symptoms significantly and without any side effects. Thanks for taking such good care of me.'

Miss C Jones
Flintshire, North Wales


'With acupuncture treatment at the Lotus Clinic, I am able to manage my appetite, and do not feel starving and cravings anymore, which I have never had before with other weight loss methods. I lost 1 stone in 4 weeksÖ now I am energetic, and my blood pressure and the blood cholesterol have reduced to normal. It is brilliant!'

Ms S Smith
Chester, Cheshire